Wellness is a journey we’re on, too

We get it, Superwoman. You’re juggling childcare and after-school activities with a busy career. You’re rushing from sports sideline to boardroom meeting. You’re answering emails between errands and you’re doing it all with an on-the-go coffee in one hand and under-eye concealer in the other.

We’ve been there, too. In fact, we’re still learning, overcoming obstacles and resetting goals as we go.

Amia founder, Rachel Strong, is a mum and a successful business owner who knows all too well the pressures and expectations we put on ourselves as women.

After years of compromising her own wellbeing through the busy-ness of life, she realised something had to change. She embarked on her own journey, researching holistic wellness practitioners who listened to understand the cause, not just the symptoms. She discovered products that gave her body the true nourishment and nurturing it needed to get back to feeling energised and healthy.

She created Amia as a place where women like her could find the support they need; so they can be proactive about putting their own wellbeing first, and easily find trusted products without adding to the overwhelm of their already busy lives.

We want you to know: you are loved. We truly believe that you deserve to feel amazing, nurtured and supported. You deserve to flourish, and you deserve to treat self-care as a necessity, not a luxury.

We invite you to take a moment for yourself and explore our curated selection of wellbeing products that can support you in being your best self.